We offer laser therapy for pets!

Dog on leashLet’s get New Year off to a great start by talking about the many benefits of walking for both you and your dog.

Walking maintains both your physical health and your dog’s. It helps maintain flexibility, strengthens bones and muscles, helps the digestive system, improves cardiovascular fitness, and helps maintain balance.

Walking provides opportunities for you and your pet to socialize and interact with others, both human and canine. People tend to be more open and friendly to dog owners out and about with their furry “bestie.” One study showed that people over 50 who walked dogs had a greater sense of community compared to those who don’t own a dog.

Want an “all natural” treatment for anxiety for both you and your dog? Get outside and enjoy the benefits of walking and nature. Walking expends energy, relieves anxiety, and promotes relaxation for both you and your pet.

Walking provides an opportunity for you to improve your bond with your dog. Dogs, like people, can feel lonely or isolated if they are not given the opportunity to interact with their “person.” I don’t know about you but my dog gets so excited when she hears the word “walk” that I sometimes have to spell it out when talking to someone else! Her excitement, alone, makes me smile and feel uplifted.

All of these benefits come with little to no cost to you! All you need are good walking shoes, a properly fitted collar and leash for your dog, and a little time each day to enjoy an outing.

So get up, get out, and get moving!